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Alpha Restrained Coupling

USE: One piece, stab-fit installation, covers IPS PVC through DI pipe diameters without having to change components.
SIZES: 4” – 12”
COMPATIBILITY: Ductile iron, cast iron (class A, B, C & D), PVC IPS size (Sch 40, Sch 80 and SDR 21), PVC C900 & C909 & HDPE.
WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 350 psi.
US PATENT: 8,894,100
NSF61 certified.


CASTINGS: All cast components (end rings, center ring, and bolt guides) are ductile iron, meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM A 536, grade 65-45-12.
GRIPPERS: Ductile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536, Grade 65-45-12. Machine sharpened and heat treated. Xylan 1424 coated for superior corrosion resistance.
GASKETS SBR: compounded for water and sewer service per ASTM D2000, classified by UL to meet NSF61 or NBR compounded for water and sewer service per ASTM D2000, NSF61 Certified. Other compounds available upon request.
DRAW HOOKS: 304 stainless steel.
RAMP RUNNERS: Reinforced Nylon.
BOLTS AND NUTS: 5/8-11 bolts with heavy hex nuts. E-coated nuts, 304 stainless steel. Fasteners provided with anti-galling protection.
COATINGS: Center ring is Romacote fusion bonded epoxy, NSF 61 Certified. End rings are Romabond polyester.