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Aquity® Meter

Perfect for submetering to shift fixed water costs to tenants, the Aquity® water meter features ProRead™ absolute encoder technology for reliable, accurate reads.

Key Features
  • Protected against moisture in humid environments
  • Tamperproof meter seal to deter thefts
  • 1:1 ratio low-flow indicator detects leaks
  • Floating nutating disc chamber design

Why the Aquity® Meter?

The Aquity® water meter is a shorter lay length meter for submetering applications where the property owner of multi-family properties can shift fixed water costs to tenants. Every Aquity water meter meets or exceeds the latest AWWA C700 Standard and is approved for domestic cold water metering in legal submetering installations by the California Type Evaluation Program. Its nutating disc, positive displacement principle is time-proven for accuracy and dependability, ensuring maximum revenue.