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Neptune’s E-CODER®)R900i™ provides two-way communications of advanced metering data, and works for walk-by, mobile and fixed network reading.

Key Features
  • Simultaneous mobile and fixed reading capabilities
  • 1-watt fixed network message reduces AMI infrastructure costs
  • Easy-to-install wireless package
  • 96 days of hourly data logging capability

Why the E-CODER®)R900i™?

Neptune’s E-CODER®)R900i™ combination absolute encoder register/radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) provides two-way communications of advanced smart metering. The E-CODER)R900i ’s interleaved mobile and high-power fixed network messages allow for simple migration from walk-by to mobile to fixed network reading without site visits or reprogramming. From increasing efficiencies to pinpointing possible tamper or water theft to aiding customer service, the data supplied by the E-CODER)R900i can help your utility make better, more confident decisions.