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MACH 10® Ultrasonic Meter

No moving parts. High resolution for extremely low flows. Sustained accuracy. The state-of-the art ultrasonic technology of Neptune’s MACH 10® water meter ensures precise measurement from the first drop to the last.

Key Features
  • Extended low-flow/upper-flow range and accuracy
  • No special test mode required for bench testing
  • Sustained accuracy over meter life
  • Maintenance free – no moving parts, plus fully-potted electronics and battery

Why the MACH 10®?

The MACH 10® solid state ultrasonic water meter features no moving parts, ensuring continued accuracy and performance over the life of the meter and maximum revenue generation from your metering program. Its high-resolution measurement allows you to accurately capture extremely low flow rates, while a rugged, lead free bronze maincase adds to its long-term performance.