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Neptune® 360™

Meaningful information for a smart water network. Go beyond basic meter reading and billing to give your utility essential tools and data for faster, more informed decisions. The Neptune® 360™ data management platform is designed for the needs of water utilities.

Why Neptune® 360™?

Collect more accurate water metering data faster than ever before: Quickly identify potential leaks, excessive consumption, and reverse flow. Neptune 360 delivers an intuitive and user-friendly design that provides clear, easy-to-interpret data helping maximize operational efficiencies, while empowering visibility across departments to act upon it with confidence.

Lift your IT burden with a cloud-based solution that never requires server installations or upgrades on your part. Using an internet browser, log on anywhere, at any time to access the most up-to-date version. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is monitored 24/7 and operates from a world-class data center, providing the highest level of security, redundancy and disaster recovery services.

Bring your own device with the Neptune 360 Mobile application, which provides direct communication via wireless network from the field to the office. Upload data on-demand to provide more efficient customer service.

With Neptune 360, integrate and share data seamlessly, respond to your customers faster and proactively identify and resolve issues quickly.