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NGO™ App

Simplify meter data collection and turn it into actionable information with the NGO™ app for Android™ phone or tablet. NGO provides on-the-spot field analysis and presentment capabilities.

Key Features
  • Supports manual keyed entry, probed, and walk-by RF
  • Significantly reduces reading time when connected to R900® Belt Clip Transceiver (BCT)
  • Address high bill complaints in the field via data logging graphs

Why the NGO™ App

Save water, labor, and money with Neptune’s NGO™ app. Run NGO on an Android™ device, and pair it with the R900® Belt Clip Transceiver (R900 BCT) for on-site data logging in the field. Right then and there, show customers the water they’ve used by the hour, aiding conservation initiatives, heading off bill complaints, and reducing additional truck rolls.

  • Analyze data at the source with Android phone or tablet via NGO app
  • View graph of data logging intervals in the field
  • Share data logging graph information with homeowner to address high bill complaints