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Pocket ProReader

Neptune’s compact Pocket ProReader RF allows meter readers to test new installations, obtain remote receptacle readings and meter identification numbers faster and more efficiently.

Key Features
  • Review and re-transmit meter readings
  • Displays meter reading/programmed meter identification number
  • Can be used to test installations
  • Readings transmitted to Ranger* with R900® Belt Clip Transceiver

Why the Pocket ProReader RF?

The Pocket ProReader RF is a compact visual reading device designed for reading remote receptacle pads. With the Pocket ProReader RF, meter readers can test new installations, obtain readings and meter identification numbers in a faster, more efficient manner, and readings can be transmitted directly to a Ranger™* handheld with a HR2650i receiver or the R900® Belt Clip Transceiver (BCT). Reading remote pads is as simple as touching the pad and reading the information on the screen. The Pocket ProReader RF can be conveniently carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.