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ProCoder™ Register

Neptune’s ProCoder™, when connected to R900® or R450™ MIUs, provides a high-resolution, 8-digit remote meter reading, as well as leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection.

Key Features
  • 8-digit mechanical meter reading
  • Sweep hand provides enhanced resolution and direction of flow
  • Battery-less functionality
  • Up to 8-digit remote meter reading

Why the ProCoder™?

ProCoder™ is Neptune’s newest high-resolution solid state absolute encoder register. In addition to all the features of a basic encoder register, when the ProCoder is connected to an R900® or R450™ RF MIU, it provides value-added PLUS features – leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection.

Utility software applications can use the E-CoderPLUS protocol information in billing, customer service, and operational reports. Providing extended resolution from the dial and sweep hand and 8-digit remote readings, the ProCoder’s accuracy and reliability form a solid foundation on which to build and expand an AMR or AMI system. The ProCoder is available in two different configurations for specific applications – inside set and pit set.