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Neptune’s ProCoder™)R900i™ absolute encoder register makes it simple to collect metering data using multiple modes simultaneously.

Key Features
  • Easy to install/no programming required
  • Interleaved mobile and highpower fixed network messages
  • Read in walk-by, mobile, fixed modes simultaneously
  • 96 days of hourly account history
  • Leak, tamper, reverse flow detection

Why the ProCoder™)R900i™?

The Neptune ProCoder™)R900i™ features a high-resolution, mechanical sweep hand to detect ultra-low flows as well as monitor direction of flow. Its interleaved mobile and high-power fixed network messages allow for simple migration from walk-by to mobile to fixed network reading – and back again – without site visits or reprogramming. Your utility can also review an account’s consumption by the hour with 96 days of profile information, along with alerts for leak or backflow. Proactively identify and resolve customer issues – heading off high bill complaints, reducing delinquent payments, and eliminating write-offs.