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R900® Belt Clip Transceiver (BCT)

The R900® Belt Clip Transceiver’s two-way communications to Neptune’s R900® MIU eliminate meter access issues and speed up reads and retrieval of valuable consumption activity information.

Key Features
  • Software-defined radio (SDR) for compatibility with future products
  • Retrieve 96 days of hourly interval data logging information
  • Unattended operations mode allows meter reading during other tasks

Why the R900® BCT?

With two-way communications to the R900® MIU, the R900® Belt Clip Transceiver (R900 BCT) eliminates meter access issues and speeds up retrieval of valuable data logging information. In addition, its exceptional radio frequency (RF) throughput reduces meter reading time, especially in high-density environments. Pairing the R900 BCT with a handheld (or a mobile device running Neptune software), your personnel can perform impromptu service calls in the field and address customer service issues onsite without a separate truck roll.